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The security of your business data is our main concern

We live in a digital world, where every action we perform leaves a trace in the form of data. This data is owned by the companies that provide us with the technological means of communication, and that defines the market value of each of these tech giants. The number of parties that have the technological means to intercept this information is growing rapidly. From government organizations to corporate behemoths and hackers, everyone wants to own and leverage your data.

Calls and Internet use privacy is one of the top requirements that ensures a high level of information security for both private, commercial and government organizations. Secret services, hackers and scammers keep looking for and implementing new technologies to overcome standard secure mobile network’s elements

We offer a selection of Digital Encrypted eSIM packages to keep your business safe and secure.


eLiteSIM – Provides an opportunity to become an independent eSIM Mobile Virtual Network Operator.
Develop your own GSM network and scale it from 50 subscribers.

Digital-GSM allows you to implement almost any projects, using GSM technologies.
These are tourist SIMs, ethnic and professional networks, corporate network for distributed offices, private secured groups, short number calls, ability to connect a network with your office private branch exchange, an option to activate your own rate and virtual number etc.

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Make Private calls

For individuals who take their privacy seriously

With a standard phone SIM card all your calls are encrypted with a simplified algorithm. eLiteSIM provides extra protection by encoding conversations using the A5/1 algorithm which is the world-class standar


eLiteSim offers a range of solutions to protect yourself and your business from eavesdropping and theft of important data

  • This is a encrypted esim card with a wide range of features, such as secure calls, caller id change, HLR requests (allows to intercept attacks on operators’ networks), voice change, cost optimization, DID (virtual numbers) support.
  • Fenix. A modern software that allows to use Internet safely. Thanks to the latest encryption protocols, you get 100% secure chat, that allows files and data exchange.
  • Direct. A hard-and software complex, an “anonymous” SIM card that provides voice and caller id, supports DID (virtual numbers) and mobile cost optimization.
  • IMEI / IMSI Change. IMEI / IMSI change works as if you change your SIM after every call. It is yet another way to improve secure communication.
  • SIM-INTERNET. Unique identifiers are changed automatically every time when the handset is switched on. It provides from HLR attacks , PING SMS, fake base stations, allows VPN connection.
  • SIM-CHIP. An anonymous SIM in VQFN-8 chip format. It’s more than just a secure SIM card that provides secure calls. Even if scammers managed to get access to your handset, they won’t be able to access your Data.


eSIM is used not only to governmental organizations and big businesses, SECURE encrypted ELEMENT is highly popular with ordinary people who would like to protect their data and hide their actual location.

We will help to find you the best solution that suits your real needs (unlimited and per minute rates, specific secure features etc.)

Getting yourself a secure phone you get an opportunity to make anonymous calls worldwide. Stay safe with eLiteSim


How does eLiteSIM work?

Using eLiteSIM is straight-foward, but ‘behind the scenes’ are a series of functions and processes which help to protect your identity. But in a nutshell here is what happens..

  • Call someone or answer someone else’s call.
  • The call command reaches our Russian servers via a secure USSD channel.
  • Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number and hide your location.
  • You continue the call via a private, secure channel.
  • After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with specified or random number in his/her log.



Legal Disclaimer: We do not condone the use of our phones in any illegal activity or acting as or being involved in any criminal activity. Be sure to check and obey all local, state, international and federal laws when using any type of these secure phones. I am not intending the use for illegal activity or causing harm with these phones or in any way directing Criminal activity. As the seller, we do not take any responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of this product. The user takes full responsibility to obey all effective & relevant laws in his/her country, which may prohibit usage of such a product