Key Features

eLiteSIM offers a host of featured designed to protect your privacy

We live in a digital world, where every action we perform leaves a trace in the form of data. This data is owned by the companies that provide us with the technological means of communication, and that defines the market value of each of these tech giants. The number of parties that have the technological means to intercept this information is growing rapidly. From government organizations to corporate behemoths and hackers, everyone wants to own and leverage your data.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Pgp email
  • Private device chat
  • Untracable device
  • Multi roaming SIM cards


  • Substitute Number The feature allows you to make calls while hiding your real number and changing it to a random one. Subscriber B as well as CDR spots the substitution number.
  • HLR requests. The feature allows to intercept any attacks on Network Operators via SS7 (set of telephony signalling protocols)
  • DYNAMIС PROFILE The feature allows to change Network Indetifiers (IMSI/KI). At the moment Dynamic Profile is the most effective tool against Interception and Communications Monitoring System (CMS).
  • PING allows to intercept SMS of any type, including Silent SMS, or so-called Stealth SMS. SIM blocks any possible attacks on a Network level.
  • Voice Change The feature allows to change your real voice in course of conversation, transforming its pattern (Voice Print), i.e. it is impossible to ascertain subscriber’s identity.
  • Cost Minimization Cost Minimization allows to decrease expenses. Now it does not matter where a subscriber is calling from and to. All of the calls that are made within AYDIR are free of charge for the SIM users.
  • DID number, or a virtual number, allows to hide identifiers during an Inbound Call, that means it is impossible to detect the location of the subscriber.
  • No incoming calls. We are a private network. No one can call you unless you purchase an inbound telephone number (you can have upto 5 numbers per SIM).
  • No Call Details – eLiteSIM doesn’t allow other networks to track incoming and outgoing calls back to your SIM.
  • No geolocation – Information about the SIM card location is not available. The virtual number does not compromise the real location or IMEI to anybody for one simple reason: We’re not logging it!
  • Phone number spoofing – The subscriber can specify the outgoing telephone number they wish to use. Number replacement is implemented via the USSD command.
  • Random telephone numbers – You can set your SIM / telephone to call others from a totally random number each time you ring. The recipents phone will always display a new telephone number each time you call them.
  • Stealth PBX – (private branch exchange) location is changed after each call, making it impossible to determine the subscriber’s location. Temporary number life time cycle is for one call only.
  • Network jumping – Our sim card jumps between different networks to ensure you have the best telephone reception available.
  • Cell-site protection – SIM-card forced encryption to prevents form the encryption level reduction. All conversations are encrypted according to the A5.1 algorithm. There are no cell site or IMEI trace logs.
  • Voice Changer – Real time inbuilt voice changer transforms the sound of your voice, rendering it impossible to identify a subscriber by phonetic characteristics.
  • Unlimited roaming Unlimited calls worldwide* – Unlimited calls in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.
  • Mobile data plans Worldwide data* Global data plans available. Monthly data plans based on Gigabytes – not MB!
  • Unregistered SIM cards No registration – We do not require any registration. We do not require your address or even a real name… Simply pay via Cryptocurrency and have your Sim delivered to an address of your choice, or collect from a collection box.



The most effective way to provide anonymity and high level of security of your communication within the GSM network is to change Network Identifiers such as IMEI and IMSI. Change of Network operators acts as if you change your handset along with a SIM. IMEI and IMSI are changed on every call.
To understand IMEI/IMSI Changeprinciples, let’s compare it to a car accident. Imagine if you happen to be in a car accident. The accident itself, car make, license plate and colour were seen, registered and recorded. You decide to flee the scene, turn the corner, press the RESET button, and in a flash everything: the car make, car colour, license plate (in our case call identifiers IMEI and IMSI) change completely. It makes it impossible to make any link between you and the accident.We are suggesting two options: IMEI/IMSI Change imbedded//installed feature on a MTK based handset




SIM supports 3G/4G Data. SIM can be used in Wi-Fi routers, phones, tablets etc. SIM connects to a Network automatically. Secure SIM as a tool to your Network anonymity:
1. Auto change of identifiers every time a handset turns on
2. Protection from HLR attacks
3. PING SMS Protection
4. FAKE BTS Protection
5. Auto VPN (no blocked Services worldwide)